Edward Elgar
Op. 2Three motets
Op. 4Three pieces
Op. 5Two songs
Op. 6Wind Quintets
Op. 7Sevillaña
Op. 8Quartet
Op. 9Violin Sonata
Op. 10Three Characteristic Pieces
Op. 11Sursum corda (Élévation)
Op. 12Salut d'Amour (Liebesgruss)
Op. 13Two pieces
Op. 14Vesper Voluntaries
Op. 15Two pieces
Op. 17La Capricieuse
Op. 18Three part-songs
Op. 19Froissart
Op. 20Serenade
Op. 21Minuet
Op. 22Very Melodious Exercises in the First Position
Op. 23Spanish Serenade
Op. 25The Black Knight
Op. 27From the Bavarian Highlands
Op. 27Three Bavarian Dances
Op. 28Organ Sonata in G
Op. 29The Light of Life
Op. 30Scenes from The Saga of King Olaf
Op. 31Two songs
Op. 32Imperial March
Op. 33The Banner of St. George
Op. 34Te Deum and Benedictus
Op. 35Caractacus
Op. 36Variations on an Original Theme (Enigma)
Op. 37Sea Pictures
Op. 38The Dream of Gerontius
Op. 39Pomp and Circumstance Marches
Op. 40Cockaigne (In London Town)
Op. 41Two songs
Op. 42Grania and Diarmid
Op. 43Dream Children
Op. 44Coronation Ode
Op. 45Five Partsongs from the Greek Anthology
Op. 46Concert Allegro
Op. 47Introduction and Allegro
Op. 48Pleading
Op. 49The Apostles
Op. 50In the South (Alassio)
Op. 51The Kingdom
Op. 52A Christmas Greeting
Op. 55Symphony No. 1 in A flat
Op. 60Two songs
Op. 61Violin Concerto in B minor
Op. 62Romance
Op. 63Symphony No. 2 in E flat
Op. 64O Hearken Thou
Op. 65Coronation March
Op. 66The Crown of India
Op. 67Great is the Lord
Op. 68Falstaff
Op. 69The Music Makers
Op. 70Sospiri
Op. 71Two part-songs
Op. 72Death on the Hills
Op. 73Two part-songs
Op. 74Give unto the Lord
Op. 75Carillon
Op. 76Polonia
Op. 77Une voix dans le désert
Op. 78The Starlight Express
Op. 80The Spirit of England
Op. 81The Sanguine Fan
Op. 82Violin Sonata in E minor
Op. 83String Quartet in E minor
Op. 84Piano Quintet in A minor
Op. 85Cello Concerto in E minor
Op. 86Fantasia and Fugue in C minor
Op. 87The Severn Suite
Op. 88Symphony No. 3
Op. 90Piano Concerto
___The Wand of Youth Suites
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