Georg Philipp Telemann
___Viola Concerto in G major
___Trumpet Concerto in D major
___Brockes Passion
___Concerto in E Minor
___Water Music (Wassermusik)
___Concerto in C Major
TWV 51Flute concerto in D Major
___Sonata in F minor TWV 41
TWV 41Sonata in A minor
___Cantata Cycle
___Die Donner-Ode
___Ihr Völker, hört
___Sei tausendmal willkommen
___Die Tageszeiten
___Hamburger Admiralitätsmusik, TWV 24
___Grillen-symphonie TWV 50:1
___Ouverture des nations anciens et modernes in G
___Overture in G minor TWV 55:g4
___Suite in A minor for recorder, strings, and continuo TWV 55:a2
___Overture: Alster Echo in F
___Twelve Paris Quartets
___Twelve Fantasias for Transverse Flute without Bass TWV 40:2–13
___Twelve Fantasias for Violin without Bass TWV 40:14–25
___Twelve Fantasias for Viola da Gamba solo TWV 40:26–37
___Sonates sans basse (Telemann) TWV 40:101–106
___Six Canonical Sonatas TWV 40: 118–123
___Six Concertos for Flute and Harpsichord TWV 42.
___36 Fantasias for Keyboard TWV 33:1-36
___6 Overtures for Keyboard TWV 32:5-10
___6 Light Fugues with Small Fresh Additions TWV 30:21-26
___Violin Concerto in A Major "Die Relinge" TWV 51:A4
___Concerto for Three Violins in F major, TWV 53:F1
___Concerto in G major TWV 40:201
___Viola Concerto in G Major, TWV 51:G9
___Concerto in G Major for Two Violas, TWV 52:G3
___Concerto for Two Horns in D Major TWV 52:D1
___Concerto for Two Horns in D Major TWV 52:D2
___Concerto for Horn and Orchestra in D Major 51:D8
___Concerto in D for Trumpet and 2 Oboes, 53:D 2
___Concerto in D for 3 Trumpets, Timpani, 2 Oboes, 54:D 3
___Telemann: Concerto C-Dur 52: C1
___Concerto in D minor for Two Chalumeaux and Orchestra, 52:d 1
___Oboe Concerto in A Major
___Oboe Concerto in C Minor
___Oboe Concerto in D Minor
___Oboe Concerto in E Minor
___Oboe Concerto in F Minor
___Oboe Concerto in G Major
___Concerto for Recorder and Viola da gamba in A Minor, TWV52:a1
___Concerto in E Minor for Recorder and Flute, TWV 52:e1
___Flute Concerto in B Minor, TWV 41:h3
___Flute Concerto in C Minor, TWV 41:c3
___Oboe Sonata in B-flat TWV 41:B6
___Bassoon Sonata in E-flat major TWV 41:EsA1
___12 Fantasies for oboe
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