Johannes Brahms
Op. 1Piano Sonata No. 1
Op. 2Piano Sonata No. 2
Op. 3Six Songs
Op. 4Scherzo
Op. 5Piano Sonata No. 3
Op. 6Six Songs
Op. 7Six Songs
Op. 8Piano Trio No. 1
Op. 9Variations on R. Schumann
Op. 10Four Ballades
Op. 11Serenade No. 1
Op. 12Ave Maria
Op. 13Begräbnisgesang
Op. 14Eight songs and romances
Op. 15Piano Concerto No. 1
Op. 16Serenade No. 2
Op. 17Four Songs
Op. 18String Sextet No. 1
Op. 19Five Poems
Op. 20Three Duets for soprano and alto
Op. 21Two Sets of Variations for piano
Op. 22Marienlieder
Op. 23Variations on Robert Schumann
Op. 24Variations on Handel
Op. 25Piano Quartet No. 1
Op. 26Piano Quartet No. 2
Op. 27Psalm 13
Op. 28Four Duets
Op. 29Two Motets
Op. 30Geistliches Lied
Op. 31Three Quartets
Op. 32Nine Songs
Op. 3315 Romances (schöne Magelone)
Op. 34Piano Quintet
Op. 35Variations on Paganini
Op. 36String Sextet No. 2
Op. 37Three Sacred Choruses
Op. 38Cello Sonata No. 1
Op. 39Sixteen Waltzes
Op. 40Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano
Op. 41Five Songs
Op. 42Drei Gesänge
Op. 43Four Songs
Op. 44Twelve Songs and Romances
Op. 45A German Requiem
Op. 46Four Songs
Op. 47Five Songs
Op. 48Seven Songs
Op. 49Five Songs
Op. 50Rinaldo
Op. 51Two String Quartets
Op. 52Liebeslieder-Walzer
Op. 53Alto Rhapsody
Op. 54Schicksalslied
Op. 55Triumphlied
Op. 56Variations on Haydn
Op. 57Eight songs
Op. 58Eight songs
Op. 59Eight songs
Op. 60Piano Quartet No. 3
Op. 61Four Duets
Op. 62Sieben Lieder
Op. 63Nine Songs
Op. 64Three Quartets
Op. 65Neue Liebeslieder
Op. 66Five Duets
Op. 67String Quartet No. 3
Op. 68Symphony No. 1
Op. 69Nine Songs
Op. 70Four Songs
Op. 71Five Songs
Op. 72Five Songs
Op. 73Symphony No. 2
Op. 74Two Motets
Op. 75Four Ballads and Romances
Op. 76Eight Pieces for piano
Op. 77Violin Concerto
Op. 78Violin Sonata No. 1
Op. 79Two Rhapsodies
Op. 80Academic Festival Overture
Op. 81Tragic Overture
Op. 82Nänie
Op. 83Piano Concerto No. 2
Op. 84Five Romances and Songs
Op. 85Six Songs
Op. 86Six Songs
Op. 87Piano Trio No. 2
Op. 88String Quintet No. 1
Op. 89Gesang der Parzen
Op. 90Symphony No. 3
Op. 91Two Songs for Voice, Viola and Piano
Op. 92Four Quartets
Op. 93Six Songs and Romances
Op. 94Five Songs
Op. 95Seven Songs
Op. 96Four Songs
Op. 97Six Songs
Op. 98Symphony No. 4
Op. 99Cello Sonata No. 2
Op. 100Violin Sonata No. 2
Op. 101Piano Trio No. 3
Op. 102Double Concerto
Op. 103Zigeunerlieder
Op. 104Five Songs
Op. 105Five Songs
Op. 106Five Songs
Op. 107Five Songs
Op. 108Violin Sonata No. 3
Op. 109Fest- und Gedenksprüche
Op. 110Three Motets
Op. 111String Quintet No. 2
Op. 112Six Quartets
Op. 113Thirteen Canons
Op. 114Trio for Piano, Clarinet, and Cello
Op. 115Clarinet Quintet
Op. 116Seven Fantasias
Op. 117Three Intermezzi
Op. 118Six Pieces
Op. 119Four Pieces
Op. 120Two Clarinet Sonatas
Op. 121Vier ernste Gesänge
Op. 122Eleven Chorale Preludes
Op. 93bTafellied
WoO 121 Hungarian Dances
WoO 2movement III of the F-A-E Sonata
WoO 32 Gavottes
WoO 42 Gigues
WoO 52 Sarabandes
WoO 8Fugue
WoO 17Kyrie
WoO 18Missa canonica
WoO 21Mondnacht
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